How To Battle Depression Like A Ninja!

Do you ever feel your depression coming on?
Something triggers you and you’re like, aw crud, here comes an episode.
That’s not always the case.
Sometimes there is absolutely nothing that triggers me, it just happens.
Those times are more difficult to fight through because there are so many questions.
What set it off this time? Why did this come about? Why, why, why?
Once I realize I’m depressed sometimes it’s almost easier to not fight it.
I give in, let it consume and deplete me.
When I feel it’s gone on too long, I’ve had enough, or if I hadn’t noticed for a while and finally realize I’ve been dealing with it for the past however long, I start looking for ways out.
There is no roadmap. No magic formula. Not one way that always works.
Every instance has proven difficult.
There are times I just want to rip my heart and brain out and swap them with ones that don’t know this black hole, this solitude, this bitter taste in my mouth.If you can relate, I want to hug this into you : You are not alone. You are not forgotten. You are loved!

*A little disclaimer : I do not take any medication for my depression. It’s a personal choice. You do whatever you need to in order to fight your depression, if that includes medication – take it!*

Okay, okay…you opened this because you want to acquire ninja skills to combat your depression.

5 Ninja Skills To Conquer Depression

1. Spiritual Refinement
Acquire a deep and accurate knowledge of yourself.
Know your strengths and weaknesses.
Figure out your triggers!
Triggers may or may not hurricane you into depression, so they’re not always a warning sign, but once you know some root causes it’s easier to find solutions to defeat it.
Ninja’s engagement in combat is done from love and reverence [deep respect for something].
You must fight your depression out of your love and reverence for yourself and for others.

2. Swords + Blades
Some battles will be over fairly quick, others will be attack after attack, and some may last so long you forget what your “happy” self feels like.
Mastering the tools in your toolbox/weapons in your arsenal are key to victory.
One tool should definitely be your breath.
In order to be a ninja you must find your slow inhale + exhale.
Take inventory of what weapons have worked in the past and try those techniques first.

3. Geography + Meteorology
You need to know the terrain and use your skills to navigate through.
You need to train to forecast and use subtle signals to predict upcoming conditions.
If you are journeying through a new/different depression than you’ve ever had before it is easy to be fearful.
Fearful of the unknown.
Not knowing where this road will take you, or what storm is coming can be paralyzing.
Take hope in this : you can conquer any landscape, any weather with a spirit of power, love, and self-discipline.

4. Disguise + Impersonation
Mimicking someone who isn’t plagued with depression could very well be the only way you get out of your pit of darkness.
Mirror what you admire.
Reflect what you desire.
You are like the five people you hang out with most.
There are three types of toxic relationships: negative, controlling, and the tempters.
The tempters may be those described as “misery loves company.”
I’m not saying ignore any and all people who battle depression because you do and they may be toxic.
I’m saying speak your truth to those people. Let them know what you’re going through and if they’re in the thick of their own episode you both may need to seek out other supportive relationships for the time being.
Make sure you are surrounding yourself with people who genuinely hope for your positive mental health.

5. Strategy + Escape
Ninja’s always have multiple exit plans.
You need to figure out your ultimate goal and come up with numerous options that get you there.
Like I said in the beginning, there is no one way that will always work to get you out.
Set yourself up for success.
Research new strategies, new tools you can acquire.
Find people who are willing to trudge through battle with you.
Name it to tame it.
Sometimes even just saying, “I am depressed. I am feeling [fill in the blank : sad, scared, angry, hopeless, empty, aches + pains, etc.].” is enough to catapult you into wanting to find a solution.

Peace, hope + love be with you,

The five ninja skills I mentioned were taken from this list of the 18 skills of the Togakure Ryu Ninja.

Also, to view some classic ninja skills check out this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DVD!

//*This post contains an affiliate link, but all opinions are my own. I may earn money from purchases made through the link shared here (at no additional cost to you). This helps to support the site and keeps the content free. Thanks for your support!


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