Family Of Four Full-Time RV Living : The What, How + Why!

Hi there!

I wanted to share our family of four’s transition into full-time travel trailer living.

The Why :

In June 2017, our family of four moved into a 2 bedroom 2.5 bathroom apartment in Salt Lake City, UT that cost the same as our mortgage back in Montana (but utilities were twice as much in the apartment).
The whole point of moving into the apartment was to save more money to put toward paying off debt and it just wasn’t happening.
After three months (of listening to our neighbors through paper thin walls), we discussed how ridiculous the cost of the apartment was and started researching other options.
We looked at houses, we looked in different neighborhoods, we looked at other apartments, and finally my husband got the brilliant idea to look at travel trailers.

Our first thought was to buy used and fix it up, but we didn’t have a lot of time and the main factor was that we didn’t have a place to park the trailer while we worked on renovations. So new or slightly used it was going to have to be.

We looked online at different layouts and came up with our must-haves.
1. A separate bedroom with a door for the girls.
2. A fireplace.
3. All-season (basically it needed to be able to withstand the cold since we would be living in it year round).
4. It wasn’t a must-have, but a really big want : kitchen island for extra counter space.

The Search :

Salt Lake City and surrounding areas have tons of RV lots but we narrowed it down to the three that had a large selection of all-season RV’s.
Oddly enough there was a fall RV show happening that weekend so we looked at what they had on their lots but most were down at the show.
The show was overwhelming. So many layouts, so many models to walk through; they all started blending together. They handed out pamphlets for each trailer, I used them to write notes on. On one I drew hearts because it had everything we wanted but it was almost $10k over our budget.

We went back to the lots the next week and reviewed the trailers that we liked. One lot had a used trailer with a good layout, but the room that would be for the girls was a bit odd since it had the toy hauler ramp for one “wall.” Unfortunately, it was the best option so far.

We decided to head to a fourth lot that had a few trailers we had seen at the show. We walked into one and instantly fell in love. It had all four of our must-haves.
The salesperson said, “put in an offer, we’ll give you the show price at the very least, but it’s slowing down so maybe you can get a better deal.”
We put in an offer $10k lower than asking price – knowing there was no way they would accept that! As we waited the salesperson handed me the pamphlet, I recognized it and started laughing. I pulled out a pamphlet from my purse, and wouldn’t you know it, the one the salesman just handed me matched the one from the show I had drawn hearts on!
They didn’t accept our offer, but what they countered back was still an excellent deal.
“We’ll take it!”

What We Live In:

We chose the 36′ Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS travel trailer.
Ya’ll this trailer is beautiful!
Even if you don’t purchase it, at least treat yourself to a walk-through!
[These opinions are my own. I am in no way paid or sponsored by Grand Design – but if they want to contact me, I will happily promote them!! ;)]


Updates We’ve Made :

Most RV’s come with brown everything.
Brown everything is a peeve of mine.
This past week we finally started painting!
We’re still in the process but we’ve been painting walls and cabinets all white with black hardware.
Black and white is so classic, easy to match decor, pleasant to look at.


We added black out blinds from IKEA in our bedroom.


Here is a link to a similar blind on Amazon.
[This is an affiliate link, but all opinions are my own. I may earn money from purchases made through the link shared here (at no additional cost to you). This helps to support the site and keeps the content free. Thanks for your support!]


Our youngest daughter spilled a full water bottle on our bed. Long story short: mold.
We purchased the MYRBACKA Latex mattress from IKEA.

Here is a link to a similar mattress on Amazon.
[This is an affiliate link, but all opinions are my own. I may earn money from purchases made through the link shared here (at no additional cost to you). This helps to support the site and keeps the content free. Thanks for your support!]


We also skirted the trailer.


Other than that, since it’s new we haven’t had to do any massive renovations or updates.


How It’s Been Going :

We chose an RV park to stay stationary at.
November 4th, 2017 Zach backed her in, plugged her in, and filled the propane tanks.
I had the honor of leveling her out – which I did a stellar job of pushing the button. HA!

We ordered take out thai food and settled in our first night.
The next morning we woke up to a frozen water hose.
It was a fairly easy “fix” purchasing a $100 heated hose.


The three hardest parts for me have been:
1. Going to a laundry mat.
2. Showering has to be quick + not the best pressure.
3. If one item is out of place the whole home looks messy!

The three best parts for me have been:
1. Downsizing! Getting rid of stuff is a thrill for me!
2. Cleaning has never been quicker!
3. It’s created a closeness where we have to show a ton more grace to each other.

I asked the family what their favorite part of living in the trailer is…
Lilly [age 3] : playing ball.
Penny [age 4.5] : playing toys in her bed.
Zach : it’s cozy.


There you have it, folks.
Anywhere you live is going to have pros and cons.
The pros for travel trailer living far outweighed any con for our family.
This is an adventure we are excited to continue!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Journey well,


4 thoughts on “Family Of Four Full-Time RV Living : The What, How + Why!

  1. I love that you guys are enjoying RV life so much! Makes me want to consider it for us as well! We’ll have to get a truck haha.


    1. If you stay stationary you could just rent a truck for the day to haul it to your RV spot!
      Did I just make that too easy?! HAHA!


  2. Love this!! We have talked about doing something like this seasonally after the kids are gone. Has it been cheaper?
    I love that you are painting everything!!
    I’m so excited for you two (4)!


    1. Oh you totally should!
      Get a fifth wheel! Our truck couldn’t pull one and we didn’t feel like upgrading at the time. But if we could we would get the fifth wheel version of what we have!
      It has been way cheaper!
      Thank you!!


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