5 Ways To Change Your Bad Attitude

Have you ever caught yourself making comparisons, had expectations go unmet, found yourself in circumstances out of your control that are less than ideal, doubted yourself or others, or experienced anxiety?
Those are a few examples of why a bad attitude might creep in.

What are the affects of a bad attitude?
Maybe you have a short fuse and are snappy.
Maybe you feel drained or lack motivation.
Maybe you hop on the negative train and go to a deep, dark pit – where you keep a glass half empty perspective and want to make everyone around you as miserable as you are.

However it’s manifesting, you’ve got a bad attitude and it’s most likely not just affecting yourself.

Step one is realizing this.
Step two is figuring out a solution.

Five Ways To Change Your Bad Attitude :

1.  Switch Up Your Breathing
Studies have shown that your breathing patterns spark a memory so your brain goes into autopilot, which can be a good or bad thing.
According to this research article, when you physically get hurt your perceived severity of the pain is reduced with slow and steady breaths.
What I’m getting at is this : when you find yourself with a bad attitude switch up whatever breaths you’re currently taking.
Try deep and steady, quick and shallow, or slow inhale and crazy sounds (no words) exhale.
Daniel Tiger says, “When you feel so mad that you want to roar, take a deep breath and count to four.”
That is some wise advice from a children’s cartoon.

2. Dance Party
I’m convinced that half (probably more like most of) the time we’re so darn upset is because we’re control freaks who aren’t in control.
I’m also convinced we all need to let our control freak have a nice long vacation while we channel our inner wild-child!
Flail your body around, groove to beat, or drop it to the floooooorrr.
One thing dancing always provides is a smile – unless you’re a stone cold bleeeep.
But you’re not one of those, are you? You wouldn’t have clicked on an article giving you ways to change your bad attitude if you were one of those. 😉
Once you have a smile on your face, move on to more positive thoughts.
Positive thoughts lead to more positivity.

3. Set A Reminder
For a few months, when anger consistently appeared throughout the day I would take it out on my two young daughters by snapping at them. Finally, I set a timer on my phone to go off every day at 9am and 3pm :: “ENJOY THE GIRLS TODAY!!”
Any time I found myself in ‘a moment’ and that timer would go off I would shake my head and acknowledge my ridiculousness.
It can feel pretty defeating when you have to set a reminder to ‘enjoy your kids’ but if that’s the only thing that will help you, do it!
You can just put “enjoy today” or “say 1 positive thing” or “cut the ‘tude” or whatever other little reminder will help you acknowledge your sour behavior and then help you change your attitude.
Try it. SET A TIMER!

4. Hug Someone
Make sure it lasts more than 6 seconds.
It’s pretty difficult to have a bad attitude when you’re hugging someone (especially if that bad attitude is toward that someone and you force yourself to ‘hug it out’ with them).
Maybe admitting, “I need a hug right now to cheer me up” would help your child/spouse/coworker/friend/etc. say the same when they’re upset.
In the article “10 Reasons Why We Need At Least 8 Hugs A Day” they say that hugs boost oxycontin levels – which heal feelings of loneliness, isolation, and anger AND boost serotonin levels – which elevate your mood, creating happiness.
Try it. GIVE A HUG!

5. Say What You’re Feeling, Out Loud
Name it to tame it!
In the article “Name It To Tame It”  they share that Dr. Daniel Siegel coined this phrase and it basically means exactly what it says.
When you’re feeling an intense emotion you can say, “I am feeling angry” and by acknowledging it you are sending signals to your brain that will then allow you to calmly choose how you will respond next.
Find a friend to be a real deal accountability partner.
Someone you are willing to share the whole truth with!
Vent to them. Allow them to vent to you.

Well, I hope you found at least one new technique to try to squash those bad ‘tude blues!
Try them out and let me know how it goes!


Hoping you find more joy,



*Adapted from my old blog post written November 3rd, 2015*

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