Do You Feel Busy?

“How have you been lately?” An acquaintance asks in passing.
“Busy.” Is the typical response.

You say it, I say it, we all say it! We are busy!

We jam pack our schedules with breakfast, lunch, dinner, exercise, work, play, scrolling through phones, catching our favorite shows, chatting with friends, checking in on parents, giving attention to spouses, kids, and animals. I mean, oofta! I was exhausted just typing some common ‘time-fillers’ out and that’s leaving out tons of other things we all have going on day after day.

How was work? Busy!
How was your week? Busy!
How was your day? Busy!
How was…BUSY!

Busy : having a great deal to do, occupied, engaged, involved, immersed, engrossed.

It’s common to feel “busy” is a negative.
“I have so much going on!”
“I don’t have time to accomplish everything.”
“I am constantly doing something.”
As a response, everyone throws around “solutions” around.

Quit saying yes to everything, carve out alone time, take a deep breath, focus on one thing at a time, declutter, become a minimalist, pay off debt, take one thing off your plate, cancel your tv subscription, give your friends + family firm boundaries on when you are available to chat, etc, etc, etc.

If you are sick of the busyness and tired of always feeling so drained, try those solutions listed above.
If none of them work, then try this…

Just be grateful for the busyness.

Having to go to work means you have a job! Having to talk with friends means you actually have friends! Giving attention to a spouse, kids, and/or animal means that you have someone to love and someone who loves you! Eating a meal means you are fueling your body.

Be thankful for all that you have, all that you are, and all that the future holds!

That’s all, folks!

Wishing you health, wealth + joy,

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