Let’s Play 20 Questions

Do you consider yourself a fantastic or awkward conversationalist?

I am definitely of the latter.

This is my biggest struggle in my head when it comes to talking with people : don’t talk about myself too much, don’t talk about other people because I don’t want to be a gossip, don’t be lame and talk about the weather, don’t be too nosy, so what is there left to talk about?!?

If you find yourself in the same boat, try using one or two of these questions to get the conversation going.

1. What’s one of your earliest memories?

2. What’s the most trouble you’ve ever gotten in?

3. What is your relationship with your parents like?

4. What’s something you always wanted to do but haven’t ― and why haven’t you?

5. What was your hardest breakup like?

6. Growing up, what did you think you wanted to do for a living?

7. Who is the last person you said “thank you” to? What were you thanking them for?

8. Who are your role models?

9. What’s the best trip you’ve ever taken?

10. What’s the worst way someone has hurt you?

11. What is your biggest frustration?

12. What is your favorite photo of yourself? Describe it, and explain why it’s your favorite.

13. What do you want your funeral to be like?

14. What were some of your biggest struggles or insecurities in high school?

15. What would your perfect day be like? Describe it.

16. What advice would you give to your younger self in only 3 words?

17. Have you ever been fired from a job? If yes, why?

18. If you could say ‘thank you’ to one deceased person who would you choose and what would you thank them for?

19. Do you have quiet time every day? If so, what does that ritual look like? If not, why don’t you give yourself at least five minutes of quiet time a day?

20. Do you agree that people are primarily interested in themselves and not in others? Why or why not?

What was your least favorite question on there? What question intrigued you the most?

My favorite question out of those twenty is : what is your favorite photo of yourself.

My husband and I started dating when I was just 16 and he was 18. We went to lots of bonfires at his brother and sister-in-laws house. Zach wasn’t a pda person, so this photo with his arm around me is rare. This photo reminds me of our early dating days…it reminds me of where we started and all that we’ve grown through since then. I notice no ring on my finger, no braces yet, and girl – why didn’t anyone tell you to pencil in your eyebrows until your 28th year?! This photo stirs up feelings of safety, love, innocence, promise, hope, and dreams come true. Gosh I loved Zach back then…it’s amazing how love grows and deepens when we think we couldn’t possibly love more than we already do. It’s my favorite photo of myself for all those reasons and more.

Get curious – ask questions!


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