“Share your story here…”

These are the words that prompt every single post on WordPress.

“Share your story here…” doesn’t know what it’s asking of me.

“Share your story here…” could be a quick blip about friendship or it could mean me pouring out my deepest thoughts.

When my friend Sara asked, “would you like to share your story?” I couldn’t help but scream inside, “what I just shared with you is not my whole story!” Instead I said, “yes, I would love to share.”

Each of us has a story, and a story within a story, and stories within those stories. The sum of all of these makes up our whole life.

The more I talk with people and I listen to their story, I have begun to realize that our story is never just our own. It’s intertwined with others. The moments of victory for one are the moments of defeat for another. Moments of freedom by telling a truth that’s been lied about for years for one is the moment of complete and utter destruction of their world as they knew it for another. A moment of shame for one is a moment of shame for another. And this is where I want to focus. Some of the things we go through are similar to what others go through and there is so much power in sharing so that others feel less alone in their own story.

I once read, “Think of the most attractive person you know. Even that person, at one point, has had raging diarrhea.”

Let that serve as a reminder that you are never alone in anything you face!

Someone out there relates to you.

You won’t have the same exact experience, but they can at least relate.

When you’re trying to say “I relate to you” or “I get the struggle is real” just tell that person, I get it. I don’t know your whole situation or what led you to the place you’re in now, but I freaking get it. I’ve been through or am currently dealing with anxiety, depression, parenting 1 or more children, dark circles under your eyes that no filter can erase, the ups and downs of marriage, puberty, stretch marks, turning bright red, desperately wanting everyone to like you all the time and beating yourself up for knowing that is impossible, stunted emotional growth, tension between people, shame, financial crisis, drinking too much, sleeping too much, gossiping and wanting to stop, lack of motivation to work out, never wanting to mow the lawn again, asking myself how the *cussword* did my groceries just cost that much?!? And so on and so forth.

If you related to even one of those things, then you proved my point. And if you didn’t relate to one of those things you are a liar…which I’ve also done once or twice in my life…so there..

You’ve been through puberty and if you haven’t you definitely should never read one of my posts, ever.

You might be asking what the heck have I even just read?! And I’m going to take this opportunity to sum it all up.


You have bits and pieces that others need to hear so they don’t feel so alone in their struggle.

I think misery loves company because gosh, it’s so difficult to think you’re the only one who’s gone through x, y, and/or z, OR that no one has ever had a positive experience making it out of x, y, and/or z.

Knowing you’re not alone can help you feel empowered to embrace it all even more!


Lovingly + with great urge,

One thought on ““Share your story here…”

  1. I just shared a blog post on the impact of sharing your story. When it comes to telling my personal story, I often found it a struggle. As a introvert and one who battles with anxiety talking about my struggles is one of the things that make me uncomfortable. The reason for this is, it takes vulnerability to tell our personal stories.

    It takes a great amount of mental energy and courage for me to feel comfortable sharing my stories, and I know that I’m certainly not alone. I also felt I don’t have stories worth sharing. Moving into a place where I feel more comfortable being vulnerable with people is something I’ve been working on this year.


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